Small Systems

Full Size Racks

Small systems are will operate your house quite well if you pay attention to your weather. These are a fully integrated solute and are sized for small to moderate homes.

  • Small systems are designed to be up and running before construction starts at the site.
  • Rugged ground racking is made in New York.
  • 6,800 watt solar array standard.
  • Not being connected to the grid isolates appliances from grid spikes.
  • Easy to expand in 12 panel increments.
  • Battery Configuration
  • Wattage of Solar Array
  • Number of racks
  • Pre-assembly
  • Onsite installation
  • Generator Connection Type
  • Monitoring

Kit Price and Features

Call or Email for pricing.

6000 Watt Solar Array.

4500 watt inverter 48V 120/240V.

17 kWh FLA Battery.

Generator ready plug & breaker.

No onsite assembly Included.