Micro Systems

New Mini Racks

MICRO systems may sound small but they are inexpensive easier to install and maintain, and many people find them to be just what they need.

This year we have started installing 900 to 1800 watt mini racks with good success. The design is rugged, re-usable and easy to frame up and start making power right away. Perfect for the smallest homes.

  • Many Micro systems have operated for 20 and more years with maintenance and care.
  • Not being connected to the grid isolates appliances from grid spikes.
  • Panels are rugged and work for 20 plus years
  • Easy to double solar size by adding another rack and 3 panels.
  • Battery Configuration
  • Number of racks
  • Onsite installation
  • Monitoring
  • Wattage of Solar Array
  • Pre-assembly
  • Generator Connection Type

Kit Price and Features

$ 9500.00 Kit Integrated Enclosure.

900 Watt Solar Array.

4000 watt inverter 24V 120/240V.

8.6 kWh FLA Battery.

Generator ready plug & breaker.

Generator ready plug & breaker.

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