Medium Yanmar Cogen Option

Full Size Racks

The Yanmar system using proven cogeneration technology from a 100 year old manufacturer breaks away from the pack and makes this system different from standby generator based systems. Running on propane or LP it delivers smooth consistent power and wastes very little thermal energy because it puts it back in your house to use for heating, hot water, spa heating, snow melting etc. Extremely quiet. Can be installed inside or outside, extended warranty available. Rugged engine design makes this a prime power installation. It is designed to run 24/7, but only needs to operate when the solar cannot keep up with the customer needs. The Yanmar was made for solar integration, we use many of the same components so the installation is seamless.

  • Yanmar systems can make heat and electric at the same time and with the same machine.
  • Not being connected to the grid isolates appliances from grid spikes.
  • Easy to double solar size by adding another rack of solar panels.
  • Battery Configuration
  • Wattage of Solar Array
  • Number of racks
  • Monitoring
  • Onsite installation
  • Pre-assembly
  • Generator Connection Type

Kit Price and Features

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6800 Watt Solar Array.

6000 watt inverter 48V 120/240V.

52 kWh FLA Battery.

Generator ready plug & breaker.

Yanmar 5k - Yanmar Connection.

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