Triangle Mining Box

All-In-One Crypto Mining Solution

The Triangle Mining Box is an All-In-One solution to cryptocurrency mining. The Box can hold up to 108 Antminers or 54 GPU Miners. The box comes with Power, Data, Cooling and Ventilation ready to go, all you need to do is plug the box into your main power and data connections and then plug your miners into the box and you are good to go.

  • Save money on mining farm build-out costs.
  • Put box up to window or connect it to a central duct to exhaust heat.
  • Variable speed controlled fan that adjusts to the temperature inside the box.
  • All boxes are made out of metal.
  • 108 Antminers of any model or 54 GPU miners.
  • Can be configured for any voltage.
  • Monitor the box's temperature, power usage and fan speed right from your smartphone.
  • Takes a day or less to set up.
  • Fire-Suppression
  • Remote monitoring
  • Dual fans
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*** Box shown in picture above was the first model built, all after are constructed fully in metal. Updated photos to come soon.

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